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In this article, we shall illustrate a number of stunning places which one should definitely visit during their trip to the Maltese Islands. These places are situated in the island’s capital, Valletta. Although this is one of Europe’s smallest capital cities, as well as one of the youngest, having been founded a little over 450 years ago, you will quickly see that it has so much to offer to every kind of visitor out there.

Merchant Street

You should first take some time to go shopping, and there are a number of streets which have a variety of options. There are many stores, as well as a fantastic array of designer outlets, located in Valletta highstreet known as Merchant Street. 

Prior to the refurbishment of ‘is-Suq tal-Belt’, the market was held here. With the recently refurbished ‘Suq tal-Belt’ that is now a food court, Merchant Street is definitely a must-see if you’re visiting Valletta.The shops continue from Republic Street onto this one.

Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens, Valletta, Malta 

If you are looking for an area to enjoy some great panoramic views on the Maltese Islands, these gardens are definitely the places you should visit. Created in 1661, these gardens were the private gardens of the Knights of the langue of Italy back when the knights of St. John were in control of the Maltese Islands. It was in 1824 that the gardens were opened to the public. Walking through these lovely historical relics is truly a fantastic experience. 

These gardens are also home to a beautiful collection of monuments and statues and that are a testament to a number of events in Maltese history. The most noteworthy being a bronze piece by famous Maltese sculptor, Antonio Sciortino. This is the ‘Les Gavroches’, and it depicts three children rushing forward. This statue is very telling of the maltese experience at a particular point, and is in fact, a personification of the extreme hardships the Maltese population had to face at the turn of the 20th century.

Teatru Manoel

This theatre has one of the most iconic interiors in Valletta during its time and you should definitely take some time to experience it. There are a number of tours you can take to see this beautiful historical relic close up, and you can also buy tickets to several cultural events such as operas and concerts. There you will see that the Manoel Theatre is both a historical monument of a great deal of cultural value and also the most important performing arts venue in Malta. 

This stunning theatre has a rich and long history dating back to 1731 when it was built on request of Grand Master Fra António Manoel de Vilhena. This theatre is a small venue seating over six hundred and twenty guests, with an oval-shaped auditorium, three tiers of boxes constructed of wood, which are ornately decorated with gold leaf, as well as a pale blue trompe-l’oeil ceiling that resembles a round cupola.

Stay with Us

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