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1926 – Le Parisot
Your Home in the Heart of History

Our elegant suites, complete with full kitchen facilities and ensuite bathrooms, offer an autonomous stay without compromising on comfort.

At 1926 Le Parisot, we harmonise your need for independence and luxury.

From seamless self-check-in and check-out to the allure of having a rooftop retreat to escape to, every element of your stay is designed with you in mind. Experience the freedom to unwind on your terms, enveloped by the warmth of our impeccable service and the enchanting charm of Valletta.

Step into a world where past and present coalesce. Here you’ll discover the timeless charm of 1926 Le Parisot.

To streamline your experience, we’ll provide your Access Room PIN ahead of your arrival. This process ensures immediate entry and preserves your valuable time. Further, this paperless approach aligns with our sustainability commitment at 1926 Le Parisot, eliminating the need for key cards or unnecessary print-outs.

Experience genuine warmth and a true Maltese welcome at 1926 – Le Parisot, your perfect retreat in Valletta.

Head Upstairs

Immerse yourself in a unique blend of luxury and history here at 1926 Le Parisot. Our picturesque rooftop terrace is one of our best-loved features, and it provides a serene sanctuary above the bustling city, complete with a hot tub and sunbeds for your relaxation. It’s the ideal spot for leisurely breakfasts, afternoon sun-soaking, or simply unwinding under the star-studded sky, overlooking the Grand Harbour.

We invite you to indulge in the opulence of the present while being cradled in the rich heritage of Valletta.